About our company

Since the early beginnings, we have been mainly focused to precise processing of stainless steel materials. We are specialists in single piece production and small series production with a very precise focus on detail and we keep the high standard also in serial and mass production thanks to top technologies and experience since 1994.



  • First-class machinery
  • Qualified manpower
  • Clean pruduction area
  • System for internal planning and quality control
  • Continuous improvement of the production process
  • Highest quality craftsmanship

Technical support

  • Close communication with customer
  • Supervision of customer‘s drawings
  • Technical processing of production

Production facility

2 000 m² – Production area
1 500 m² – Storage area
3 000 m² – Available area for expanding



Zlín city is modern industrial and business center in Moravia with significant shoe making history connected with Tomáš Baťa, which is worth visiting.